Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cleaning Out Cupboards, Home Brewing and Lentils

My husband starting brewing almost a year ago. He has made about 30 or more varieties and held a beer food pairing event. It has been a great experience. He has made MANY IPAs, brown ales, various Belgians, and my favorite was the Christmas ale.

In the process of brewing, Bob has begun taking over more and more space in the kitchen. He has been quarantined to a few drawers, cupboards, and part of the fridge. He also has the entire basement. Bob decided he was going to start making soup out of that leftover food that everyone has sitting in the cupboard. He started by making various bean soup recipes and graduated to lentils. Since, we have decided to make a large batch of soup each week for us to have for lunches. It is pretty healthy and low in calories. Bob lost 30 pounds over the winter on his soup and beer diet!

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